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Mysore Shyam


Mysore 'Shyam' is a counseling psychology graduate student at Bowie State University with an MBA from Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma. Solution-oriented, Shyam formerly worked as a business analyst and currently plays a crucial role as a substance abuse counselor. These experiences have given him the opportunity to work with a variety of people from an array of backgrounds. Respecting the personal and rewarding nature of counseling, Shyam made the decision to leave his career as a business analyst. He realizes the power of having someone to talk to.  As a dedicated counseling student, he now uses skills honed through his previous work. Shyam’s passion is to encourage each client towards their goals, acknowledging their unique circumstances and guiding them on their personal pursuits.


Phone: (301) 573-8081

Out-of-Pocket Rate: $40

Shyam works under the supervision of Angela Greene, LCPC-S

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